DMG Network

One part of DMG NETWORK is a network of House Officers (HOs) aligning together under DMG Berhad to achieve:

1.  Excellent mental and physical strength in order to succeed in HOship training, developing good character and conduct, as well as having excellent clinical skills, preparing for the future.

2. Together, we will support each other through thick and thin, ultimately obtaining full registration as doctors.

Be the change for the betterment of the working environment for the next generation of doctors. It all starts here, together.

We will help, support, care for the new doctors, and treat each other with respect and tolerance.

3.  Transforming a busy and hectic workplace into a great learning environment; promoting calmness of mind and soul.

4. Encourage individual growth, self-discovery, and exploring available career pathways:

      • Advancing to become a medical specialist.
      • Pioneering entrepreneurial ventures.
      • Involvement in various sectors, both in the medical and non-medical fields, either locally or internationally.

The power to choose lies with you, DMG HOs. Success is the target, with DMG PRIDE in you.

Be one of us, DMG-HOs

You have nothing to lose but everything to win.

Dr, Dahlia Dahnil


Dahlia Medical Group Berhad


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