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What is Pulse Medicare?

Pulse Medicare is another services provided by Dahlia Medical Group and its function is to provide effective and efficient platform of the healthcare management for the healthcare providers, corporate clients and the patients focusing onto the delivery of good patients care through good medical practice.

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As the same medical providers who are providing medical services are engaged by PULSE MEDICARE, quality of healthcare would not be affected and should be of the same quality, if not better.

Evolution is something that none of us can avoid from. Healthcare delivery, which used to be fragmented, has now evolved into an integrated delivery system which is efficiently managed and administered PULSE MEDICARE.

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In order for us to process the medical claims from the medical providers, we need to capture the data. Capturing of data can be done in two ways such as manual data entry and on-line through the Internet. This is a web based application system to facilitate or assist the panel medical providers to verify and validate members, on-line claims submission and generate claims summary report which can be used as a statement of accounts.

With everyone within the same group, the corporate clients shall benefit from the following improvement:

  • Centralised claims submission – All completed claim forms are to be submitted to us instead of the individuals companies or insurance companies. From the medical providers point of view, this will be easier as they need to send only one statement of account instead of many individual invoices to all of the corporate clients. From the corporate clients perspective, they no longer need to process the various invoices from the medical providers as processing is done centrally at our office.
  • Standardised claims form – All medical providers will use a standardised format of claims form, depending on the type of services provided. With standardised claim forms, processing can be expedited and capturing of useful information is made easier. Hence, this allows useful reports to be generated for the clients.
  • Centralised payments – One-stop payment. Thus, our corporate clients only make one payment to us and we will distribute the payments directly to the various medical providers. This ensures easy control for clients and medical providers.
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